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Request for Quote (RFQ): Lockers

We can deliver your locker order to your specifications – from unassembled to fully installed.  Need help determining what you need?  Send us a scan or drawing of your locker room and we will assist you in determining the best choices for your needs.

Single Tier LockersSingle Tier Lockers have ample hanging space for full-length garments, plus shelf space for hats, lunches, books, etc.








2-tierDouble Tier Lockers provide an alternative to the single tier for facilities with limited floor space or facilities where shorter garments are in use.








Triple Tier Lockers save valuable floor space with three stacked 12”Wx15”Dx24”H units when individual storage requirements are smaller.








Two-Person Lockers provide ample storage for 2 people in a space only 15” wide. Each occupant has a full-length coat compartment with two hooks, plus a full width compartment for small articles. The small upper door is released with a latch inside the corresponding coat compartment door. Coat compartments have handles with padlock attachments.







Multiple-Tier Lockers allow a wide variety of space saving applications, but are very limited in storage capacity. If your storage needs are limited to purses, lunches, and other personal items; you may want to consider 4, 5, or 6 Tier Lockers.







Expanded Metal LockersExpanded Metal Lockers are your best choice if your priorities include reducing odor through increased ventilation, visual inspections to encourage neatness, and discouraging storage of unauthorized articles. Made of heavy duty 13 GA steel diamond mesh, these lockers are available in single, double, and six-tier models, depending on your storage needs.





The 16-Person LockerThe 16-Person Locker provides coat storage and lock-up compartments for 16 people in approximately one-half square foot per person. This product is great for placement in departments, near employees, through out the office or plant and is also available as a 4-door wall mounted unit only.






Other Specialty Metal Lockers

  • Handicap Accessible Lockers
  • Integrated Frame All-Welded Lockers
  • Food Industry Lockers
  • Single Point Latch Lockers
  • Duplex Lockers
  • Deluxe Club Lockers Collegiate Lockers
  • Golf Lockers
  • Team Lockers
  • Double Door Lockers
  • Exchange Master Lockers
  • Designer Lockers
  • Personal Effects Lockers


  • Locker Legs add 6” to overall locker height.
  • Coat Hooks
  • Standard colors are Beige and Gray


Last but not least you might want to consider the standard locker accessories, including the following:

  • Sloping tops for easy cleaning
  • Closed bases for a neater appearance
  • Number plates
  • Locker room benches

Locker room Benches

Plastic Laminate with Enameled Steel Pedestal Design offers a choice of 14 standard colors with color matched pedestals. 12” wide z 18” high, and 3’ to 14’ long in 1 ft. increments.

Laminated Hardwood with Enameled Steel Pedestal Design offers selected hardwoods to provide strength and beauty on painted steel pedestals with rust-resistant durability. Eight different sizes (9 ½” deep x 18” high, from 3 to 10 feet in length in 1 ft. increments) deliver all the versatility, styling and performance required for varying floor plans and locker arrangements.

Other Speciality Lockers (Non-Metal)

Solid Phenolic

The superior construction and materials used in the phenolic locker system make it adaptable to all types of facilities. The system is particularly suitable for outdoor and indoor swimming facilities, waterparks or locker rooms because they are completely water resistant. In addition, since the phenolic surface is extremely sanitary and easy to disinfect, they are ideal for hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc. These lockers will easily withstand unusual wear and tear that is common throughout public facilities such as stadiums, sports centers, etc.

Solid Plastics

Unlike metal lockers, solid plastic lockers are unaffected by moisture, humidity, chlorine, or salt water—completely corrosion-proof. Formed by a polymer resin, components are one solid piece—no edges to come apart, no core to delaminate. With an absorption rate of nearly zero, odors will not permeate the locker’s solid plastic surface. These lockers are perfect for humid and wet areas such as pool facilities, health clubs, locker rooms, and schools.

Plastic Laminate

High density industrial grade material protected with a 1/32” high pressure laminate on both sides. Door edges are sealed with a 3 millimeter edgebanding in complimentary colors. Corners are radiused for safety and appearance. Laminate available in you choice of colors in solid, pattern, and wood grains.

Locker Doors


Doors are ¾” A-1 plain sliced wood veneer on MDF. Door edges are sealed with a 3 millimeter edgebanding, corners radiused for safety and appearance.


Doors are solid ¾” solid wood styles and rails with 1” slates.

Veneered Raised Panel

¾” Solid wood styles and rails with a veneer raised panel insert on MDF. Panel is made of A-1 plain sliced veneer and pressed over MDF panel.

Locker Door Panels